revitalization and reuse of a silo in the former packaging factory complex of redtory

tipologia  cultura arte esposizioni
Concorso 2012.10-12
stato lavori  Concorso

The existing circular silo structure emerging form a pond triggers the idea of a water garden inhabited by aquatic plants. Circular as lotus leaves, four volumes are stacked up within the silo; circular isles and green areas define the external spaces. As in a natural pond where reeds emerge form the shallow water, the emerging volumes are shaded with an uneven screen of bamboo trunks. The iconic existing silo structure is respected and left stand alone, its main inner space acting as a common public square. The new volumes and the two existing brick buildings accommodate the spaces for an ideas factory, an unconventional place where people can work and create, share their ideas and meditate. Inspired by nature and led by design, the new si.lotus garden factory poetically inhabits the place.